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My dear Fathers, Sisters and Brothers, Grace and Peace of Christ Jesus our Lord! “Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the DAWN has come”, writes the bard of Bengal, Rabindranath Tagore. One of the most fundamental features of our faith is the belief in the communion between the living and the dead. Throughout the month of November, we express our communion with those who lived before us sharing in the holiness of life offered by Christ through the sacred Sacraments. We remember them specially in the celebration of All Souls Day. It is a reminder that the bonds of love between the living and the dead are not broken by death; our love for them and their love for us endure. Sorrow and grief may still linger in our hearts, but that is a sign of their presence and love in our lives. Prophet Isaiah speaks of the renewal of Israel through the pain of the exile (Is. 25: 6-9). He maintains that God will remove the veil of mourning and “destroy death forever”. We are comforted by the hope of the ultimate triumph of God’s love over evil, grace over sin, and life over death. The Gospels tell us that death does not have the last word in Jesus. The empty tomb announces that death had no power to contain Jesus and he was alive. This is the Good News proclaimed through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Apostle Paul, therefore, summons our courage and faith to live the Paschal mystery, in his words, “If we die with Christ, we shall rise with him; if we suffer with him, we will share in his glory”.


Though a small Diocese, Diocese of Varanasi is in a significant way a picture of Mother India. The very name of this Holy City conjures up the apex of the spirit’s endeavour in Hinduism.


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