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Details of the appointment of priests coming into effect in June 2022 is attached herewith.

Details of the appointment of priests coming into effect in June 2022 is attached herewith.

The Jesuits community in Nagwa has been here since 1995, very much part of the pastoral life of the Parish, and the Diocese has been seeking their active collaboration for many years. With long time discussion and consultation the Patna Province has come forward to take up the pastoral care of St. Francis of Assisi Church Parish, Nagwa, with effect from July 2022. Gratefully, we offer our fraternal support and wish them fruitful pastoral ministry in Varanasi. We pray that this collaboration will bring diverse charism and blessings of the Spirit for the common mission of the Church here.

It has been a long- felt need to have technical & skill training centre for our youth in the Diocese. Fr. Bipin, CJ is entrusted with the responsibility to work for it and begin the ministry this year, to start with in Lohata Community Centre, with long-term plan to set it up in our Gopiganj campus.

Fr. Vijay Shantiraj is appointed Director of Catechists, effective from June 2022.

Fr. Richard Montero will take over as Editor, Satya Sakshi with effect from June 2022. He is also available for service to people in need of AA guidance and help in the parishes.

Important points for attention.

  • Our mission is ONE and each of us are called to hand on/ carry forward smoothly the common task of the Church. Every priest, on transfer, must take care to hand over charge in a way he would expect to have in his new place.
  • All documents and records, almirahs and shelves for common use should be in order and up to date. Sincere updating of inventory is a MUST. An audit is helpful for this.
  • No priest, before the transfer, has the right to dispose off assets of the station > trees, grains, hardware items etc.
  • It calls for administrative sensitivity, in the interest of the Church, not to make any last minute policy decision or promise which will impact on the successors effective functioning. Maintain ‘status quo’ in all matters other than day to day running.
  • It is not commendable to take cook, driver etc from one place to the other during transfer.
  • Often enough, there is serious problem after transfer that the station has to be refurnished… guest room items, linens, cutleries etc are not there. This is sign of utter lack of accountability.
  • Also with cultivable land no savings is handed over for initial expenses etc. This is very distasteful for a priest and simply not caring for the common good of the Church.
  • It is highly valuable to leave a place on good note. It will edify all, encourage to move forward and enhance personal growth and well-being of all. In my absence during visit to Rome, Rev. Fr. John Abraham, V. G. will be in-charge of the Diocese. With fraternal wishes and prayers for a joyful season, Yours in the Lord,

+Eugene Joseph

Bishop of Varanasi

Further Details of the appointment of priests coming into effect in June 2022

  1. Fr. Amal Raj Chellakan Parish Priest, O.L of the.Immaculate. Church, SIKANDERPUR
  2. Fr. Arulanandu Parish Priest, St. Francis Xavier Church, MARIAHU
  3. Fr. Augustine K.J. Parish Priest, St. Mary’s Cathedral, VARANASI
  4. Fr. Cyril Menezes Parish Priest, St. John the Baptist Church, CHANDAULI
  5. Fr. Dileep Kumar Parish Priest, Church of O.L. of the Poor, MARIABAD
  6. Fr. Gurusantharaj Parish Priest & Principal, St. John’s (School), DLW
  7. Fr. Marianus Kerketta Parish Priest, St. Pius Church, BAHADURGANJ
  8. Fr. Mathew Jayrathan Parish Priest, O.L. of Fatima Church, MAJHGAIN
  9. Fr. Mukul Bara Parish Priest, O.L. of Health Church, BALLIA
  10. Fr. Prakash Tigga Parish Priest, O.L. of Sorrows Church, HARTMANNPUR
  11. Fr. Robert D’Costa Parish Priest, St. Francis Church, RAMNAGAR
  12. Fr. Simon P. Parish Priest, St. Joseph’s Church, RAGHUVARGANJ
  13. Fr. Suresh Augustine Parish Priest, Nitya Sahaya Matha Church, PARJIPAH
  14. Fr. Sushil Kumar Tirkey Parish Priest, St. Patrick;s Church, HARDIA-KARSI
  15. Fr. Vijay Shantiraj Parish Priest, Christ the King Church & Shrine, MUGHALSARAI
  16. Fr. Joseph Pereira On the Staff, St. Mary’s Cathedral, VARANASI
  17. Fr. Anthony Raj Superior, Shanti Bhawan, Dasepur, Harhaua
  18. Fr. Bipin C.J. Incharge, Technical & Skill Training centre, (Lohata)
  19. Fr. Richard Monteiro Editor – Satyasakshi, Maitri Bhavan, Varanasi
  20. Fr. Joseph D’Souza Administrator, Nav Sadhana, SHIVPUR-TARNA, Varanasi
  21. Fr. Sunil Mathias Procurator, Bishop’s House, VARANASI
  22. Fr. Anand Udagandla Principal, St. John’s School, TULSIPUR, Ghazipur
  23. Fr. Ajit Kumar Assistant, Lourdes Church, GHAZIPUR
  24. Fr. Arvind Lewis Assistant, St. Thomas Inter College, SHAHGANJ
  25. Fr. Balaswamy Assistant, St. Mary’s Cathedral, VARANASI
  26. Fr. Brian Andrade Assistant, Masih Gurukul, MARHAULI
  27. Fr. Jeyapal Xavier Assistant, St. Fidelis Church, RASULPUR
  28. Fr. Mukesh Tirkey Assistant, St. Francis of Assisi Church, FRANCISPUR
  29. Fr. Louis Braggs Medical Treatment & Renewal
  30. Fr. Joseph Lakra Study & Renewal, St. Anselm Institute, Rome
  31. Fr. Christanand Xess Study & Renewal,
  32. Fr. James Selvaraj Resident – Masih Gurukul


Though a small Diocese, Diocese of Varanasi is in a significant way a picture of Mother India. The very name of this Holy City conjures up the apex of the spirit’s endeavour in Hinduism.


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