Fullness in Truth

Diocesanal Officials and Curia

01. Chancellor Fr. Telesphore Kerketta
02. Judicial Vicar I Inst: Fr. John Abraham II Inst. Fr. Telesphore Kerketta
03. Diocesan Secretary Fr. Peter Colaco
04. Diocesan Procurator Fr. Cyril Menezes
05. Secretary for Educational Work Fr. Thomas C. Mathew
06. Director of Justice, Development and Peace Fr. Julian Fernando
07. Director of Laity Fr. Thomas Lakra
08. Directress of Family Apostolate Sr. Ranjita, SRA
09. Director of Dialogue Fr. Philip Denis
10. Director of Ecumenism Fr. Vijay Shantiraj
11. Director of Social Communications Fr. S. Joseph
12. Director of Evangelization Fr. Joseph Camillus D’Costa
13. Director of Catechists Fr. Joseph Lakra
14. Director of School Catechesis Fr. Sebastian V
15. Director of Youth ministry Fr. Ajit Kumar
16. Director of Liturgy Fr. Henry Andrade
17. Director of Vocation and Priestly Formation Fr. Gabriel M.
18. Director of Bible Apostolate Fr. Sebastian V.
19. Coordinator of Health ministry Fr. John Paul
20. Directress of Mahila Sangh Sr. Kritika, SRA
21. Directress of Women’s Uplift Sister Sadhana, SRA
22. Directress of T.B. Control Father Mathew Kayany
23. Directress of Holy Childhood Sr. Annvita, SRA
24. Director of other Pontifical Mission Societies Fr. Cyril Menezes
25. Editor of Diocesan Monthly Fr. Mukul Bara
26. Director of Prison Ministry Fr. Kasper Manimaran
27. Care of Junior Priests Father Cyriac Kuruvila
28. Director of Labour Commission Father Dilraj, IMS
29. Director of Altar Servers Fr. Prakash Das
30. Directress of Crusveer Sr. Sanjeeta, SRA
31. Directress of Girls Sodality, Maria Sangh Sr. Ashita, SRA
32. Director of Student Support Programme Fr. Thomas C. Mathew
33. Personal Secretary to Bishop Rockey A. V..

College of Consultors

Constituted on June 22, 2011
1. Fr. Peter Colaco 2. Fr. David Vazhapilly
3. John Abraham 4. Fr. Vijay Shantiraj
5. Fr. Cyril Menezes 6. Fr. Thomas Mathew
7. Fr. Susai Raj 8. Fr. Telesphore kerketta
9. Fr. Julian Fernando

Diocesan Finance Committee

1. Fr. Cyril Manezes
2. Fr. Peter Colaco
3. Fr. John Abraham
4. Fr. Telephore Kerketta
5. Fr. Thomas C. Mathew

Diocesan Board of Education

1. Rt. Rev. Eugene Joseph Chairman
2. Fr. Thomas C. Mathew Secretary
3. Fr. Louis Braggs Member
4. Fr. Susai Raj Member
5. Fr. Anthony Samy Member
6. Sr. Mabel, SRA Member
7. Sr. Siji, OLP Member
8. Sr. Limcy, FSM Member
9. Sr. Mary John, SCC Member
10. Sr. Cynthia, UFS Member


1. Fr. Vijay Shantiraj Varanasi Deanery
2. Fr. Ejekiel Dungdung Ghazipur Deanery
3. Fr. Mathew Kayany Ballia Deanery


1. Varanasi Deanery Consists of Civil Districts: Varanasi, Sant Ravi Das Nagar (Bhadohi), Azamgarh, Jaunpur and Chandauli
2. Ghazipur Deanery Consists of Civil Districts: Ghazipur
3. Ballia Deanery Consists of Civil Districts: Ballia and Mau


Though a small Diocese, Diocese of Varanasi is in a significant way a picture of Mother India. The very name of this Holy City conjures up the apex of the spirit’s endeavour in Hinduism.


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Bishop’s House
45, Varanasi Cantt.
Varanasi – 221002
Uttar Pradesh, India


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