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Hospital and Health Centres


St. Mary’s Hospital, VaranasiFatima Hospital, Mau
St. Francis Hospital, FrancispurNityanand Hospital, Sarnath, Varanasi
St. Joseph’s Leprosy Hospital, IndaraSocial Welfare Centre Hospital, Indara


Health Centres

Deen Dayalu Mata Health Centre, MariabadHartmann Health Centre, Hartmannpur
Maria Sevashram Health Centre, RatsarNirmala Niketan Health Centre, Sikanderpur
Nishkalanka Mata Health Centre, RasulpurPalanhara Health Centre, Varanasi
Maria Seva Niketan Health Centre, ParjipahJeevandhara Health Centre, Bhusaula
Rani Sagar Health Centre, BalliaSant Pushpa Health Centre, Jamwaon
Seva Sadan Health Centre, MajhgainShree Yesu Ashram Health Centre, Mirpur
Asha Nivas Health Centre, SohaonIsh Mata Health Centre, Nandganj
Maria Niketan Health Centre, ZamaniaSt. Jude’s Health Centre, Bhimpura
Shanti Nivas Health Centre, BahadurganjSt. Joseph’s Swasthya Kendra, Bhitri
Ashirvad Health Centre, KanudihMariammayee Ashram Health Centre, Varanasi
Nirmal Hriday Health Centre, VaranasiNirmala Shishu Bhavan Health Centre, Shivpur
Maria Sadan Health Centre, BaijalpurSt. Joseph’s Health Centre, Christnagar
Khrist Panthi Swasthya Kendra, VaranasiSt. Vincent de Paul Health Centre, Hardia
St. Ann’s Health Centre, GhosiFatima Health Centre, Raghuvarganj
Karunalaya, Leprosy and TB Eradication Centre



St. Mary’s Hospital, VaranasiSt. Mary’s Hospital Korauta, Via Lohata Varanasi, U.P. 221107 Telephone : (0542) 2255841 No. of Beds : 100
Fatima Hospital, MauFatima Hospital Chandmari Mau, U.P. 275101 Telephone : (0547) 2220943, 2224406 No. of Beds : 250
St. Francis Hospital, FrancispurSt. Francis Hospital Francispur, Parsia P.O. Via Rasra, Ballia Dist. U.P. 221712 Telephone : (05491) 226410 No. of Beds : 12
Nityanand Hospital, Sarnath, VaranasiNityanand Hospital Sarnath P.O., Varanasi, U.P. 221007 Telephone : (0542) 2582153 No. of Beds : 20
St. Joseph’s Leprosy Hospital Cum Rehabilitation Centre, IndaraSt. Joseph’s Hospital P.O. Indara, Mau Dist. U.P. 275102 Telephone : (0547) 2272295 No. of Beds : 110
Social Welfare Centre Hospital, IndaraSocial Welfare Hospital Indara P.O., Mau Dist. U.P. 275102 Telephone : (0547) 2272295 No. of Beds : 16
Deen Dayalu Mata Health Centre, MariabadDeen Dayalu Mata Health Centre Mariabad, Zahurabad P.O. Ghazipur Dist., U.P. 233222
Hartmann Health Centre, HartmannpurHartmann Health Centre Hartmannpur P.O. Ghazipur Dist., U.P. 233225 Telephone : (05493) 282037
Maria Sevashram Health Centre, RatsarMaria Sevashram Health Centre Ratsar P.O., Ballia Dist. U.P. 277123 Telephone : (05498) 256373
Nirmala Niketan Health Centre, SikanderpurNirmala Niketan Health Centre P.O. Masoompur Via Sikanderpur, Ballia Dist. U.P. 277303 Telephone : (05498) 270319
Nishkalanka Mata Health Centre, Rasulpur: Nishkalanka Mata Health Centre Rasulpur, Mason Via Bhawarkol, Ghazipur Dist. U.P. 233231 Telephone : (05493) 250042
Palanhara Health Centre, Varanasi: St. Joseph’s Convent Bharlai, Shivpur, Varanasi U.P. 221003 Telephone : (0542) 2282316
Maria Seva Niketan Health Centre, Parjipah: Maria Dham Health Centre Parjipah, Mahuari P.O. (Via) Bahadurganj Ghazipur, U.P. 275201 Telephone : (05493) 292089
Jeevandhara Health Centre, Bhusaula: Jeevandhara Convent Bhusaula, Christnagar P.O. Varanasi, U.P. 221003 Telephone : (0542) 2626230
Rani Sagar Health Centre, Ballia: Rani Sagar Health Centre Amritpali, P.B. No. 21 Ballia Dist., U.P. 277001
Sant Pushpa Health Centre, Jamwaon: Sant Pushpa Convent Khandwa P.O. Jamwaon Ballia Dist., U.P. 221718
Seva Sadan Health Centre, Majhgain: Seva Sadan Convent Majhgain P.O. (Via) Naugarh Chandauli Dist., U.P. 272203
Shree Yesu Ashram Health Centre, Mirpur: Shree Yesu Ashram Health Centre Mirpur Tandi, Banpokhra P.O. Mau Dist., U.P. 221603 Telephone : (05461) 261087
Asha Nivas Health Centre, SohaonAsha Nivas Health Centre Sohaon P.O., Ballia, Dist. U.P. 277504 Telephone : (05498) 258007
Ish Mata Health Centre, NandganjIsh Mata Convent Belasi, Nandganj Ghazipur Dist., U.P. 233302
Maria Niketan Health Centre, ZamaniaMaria Niketan Convent Zamania, Ghazipur Dist. U.P. 232329 Telephone : (05497) 252282
St. Jude’s Health Centre, BhimpuraSt. Jude Seva Kendra Baharpur Village Bhimpura No. I P.O. Ballia Dist. U.P. 221706
Shanti Nivas Health Centre, BahadurganjShanti Nivas Health Centre Bahadurganj, Ghazipur Dist. U.P. 275201 Telephone : (05493) 253161
St. Joseph‘s Swasthya Kendra, BhitriSt. Joseph’s Swasthya Kendra Shantinagar, Bhitri, P.O. Dist. Ghazipur, U.P. 233304
Ashirvad Health Centre, KanudihAshirvad Health Centre Kanudih, P.O., Christnagar Varanasi, U.P. 221003 Telephone : (0542) 2290224
Mariammayee Ashram Health Centre, VaranasiMariammayee Ashram D 8/15, Kalika Gali Varanasi, U.P. 221001 Telephone : (0542) 2393695
Nirmal Hriday Health Centre, VaranasiNirmal Hriday Health Centre B 3/176, Shivala Ghat Varanasi, U.P. 221001 Telephone : (0542) 2277679
Nirmala Shishu Bhavan Health Centre, ShivpurNirmala Shishu Bhavan T. 55, Panch Pandava Shivpur, Varanasi U.P. 221003 Telephone : (0542) 2282018
Maria Sadan Health Centre, BaijalpurMaria Sadan Convent Baijalpur P.O. Via Rasra Ballia Dist., U.P. 221712
St. Joseph‘s Health Centre, ChristnagarSt. Joseph’s Health Centre Christnagar P.O., Varanasi U.P. 221003 Telephone : (0542) 2290688
Khrist Panthi Swasthya Kendra, VaranasiKhrist Panthi Ashram B-30/190, Nagwa Varanasi, U.P. 221005 Telephone : (0542) 2368916
St. Vincent de Paul Health Centre, HardiaSt. Vincent de Paul Health Centre Hardia, Karsi Post Via Navagarh, Ballia U.P. 221 717 Mobile : 9451083415
St. Ann’s Health Centre, GhosiSt. Ann’s Health Centre Dharauli Post Manikpur – Harahua Ghosi, Mau – 272504 Telephone : (05461) 223064
Fatima Health Centre, RaghuvarganjFatima Health Centre Raghuvarganj, Parassa Post MohammadabadGhazipur, U.P. 233301
Karunalaya, Leprosy and TB Eradication CentreKarunalaya Hariyon Village, Gyanpur Road Bhadohi, U.P. 221401 Telephone : (05414) 226834


Though a small Diocese, Diocese of Varanasi is in a significant way a picture of Mother India. The very name of this Holy City conjures up the apex of the spirit’s endeavour in Hinduism.


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Bishop’s House
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Varanasi – 221002
Uttar Pradesh, India


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